Steel casting


We have many years of experience in the processing of steel castings and knowledge of materials and casting.
Today , we supply everything from plain construction steel castings, for example G20Mn5, to high strength, stress-resistant and heat-treated steel castings such as G26CrMo4 where you can determine the different levels of impact resistance, etc.

We take responsibility for the entire process from material selection, simulation, model making, testing of mechanical properties, chemical analysis, ultrasonic testing, X-ray, magnetic particle testing of initial samples and serial deliveries.

It is common that the client requires characteristics of the product. We discuss a solution to the mechanical and chemical properties, and which test to perform as we jointly design a 3.1 certificate.

All castings are traceable to melt and process heat. We use material suppliers from Europe, Eastern Europe, and China.

EN 10293, EN 10213, UIC 840-2,
DIN 17182, DIN 17205, AAR M201,
GOST 977, BS 3100, SEW 520,
SEW 685, UNI 3158, ČSN,
ASTM A216, A217, A352 and others.